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People young and old are often drawn to VIM hoping to find a solution.

That’s perfect, because the great thing is, WE’RE OFFERING THE SOLUTION.

Perhaps this sounds a little like you? You picture in your mind, the best version of yourself. You crave special relationships and amazing life experiences. You’ve been searching, testing, working and striving but not yet grasping all you desire from your career or lifestyle.

If that could be you, then you’ve come to the right place. That’s what VIM is all about! The end of the search. A place to call home.

We’re a jump start to a new career for a mobile generation. We’re a place to call home.

VIM is the company that does it all. An education-first organization that is bigger than the sum of its parts. We call it “REAL LIFE TRAINING.”

We’re a community that is truly supportive when you want it most. A group that knows real growth happens, with step-by-step action plans, rather than broad concepts. A company that offers opportunity you can carry in your pocket—real, transformative income possibilities that can give you financial security for life.

But that’s just scratching the surface. The important thing is…YOU FOUND IT. Now what you do with it, is totally dependent on the next action you take.


Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither was VIM. Suffice it to say we’ve utilized substantial resources, the latest developing mobile technology, extensive R&D, contributions from noted scientists, doctors, recording and video professionals, financial gurus, studies of ancient cultures, careful planning, surveys pinpointing exactly what millennials and retirees say they want most and contributions from helpful affiliates across every continent (except Antarctica).

You’ll be happy to hear the result of all those contributions is personified self-improvement. It’s in plain speak and easy to follow instructions. No need to spend the next ten years studying inside a library or meditating in Katmandu. We boil it all down and deliver the vast knowledge, strategic and scientific growth concepts and proven action plans in a way that’s fun, enlightening and positive. Our Vim programs also provide immediate and appreciable benefits to you. Did we mention it happens right away!?

What VIM has accomplished was required by so many. But bringing it to fruition required the confluence and combined life experiences of a woman who created one the country’s most advanced educational training organizations and a man whose one-on-one interactions with tens of thousands worldwide created a transcendent figure in the personal development realm. You’ll hear about us soon enough. NOW THIS IS ABOUT YOU.

The Benefits of VIM

This is what elevates VIM above anything else out there.

There is no handbook for life. We arrive into this world with “Instructions Not Included.” And that’s a little miracle in itself. Because let’s face it, we’re not all cut from the same cloth.

There are millions of people who are more than happy to go through life following orders, staying inside the lines, avoiding adventure and accepting their meager fate. VIM could help them tremendously but we are really geared for everyone else.

The fact that you are reading this probably means:
you are in the “everyone else” category.

We are the people who want to create and maintain our own path with vision and purpose, passion and pleasure. We strive to create the freedom that allows us to make fulfilling connections with friends, family, lovers or partners, creating meaningful work, inviting adventure, daring to be different, embracing life.

We’re a community that is truly supportive when you want it most. A group that knows real growth happens, with step-by-step action plans, rather than broad concepts. A company that offers opportunity you can carry in your pocket—real, transformative income possibilities that can give you financial security for life.

Learning how to live our best lives will always be a challenge. That’s because throughout history, societies were not created for us to rise above. The rulers and the royalty didn’t want revolts, they wanted conformity.

Sure there were those who broke out anyway. And they were the ones we read about in text books. Today, they are the new billionaires. Those who dared to question and used intuition and invention to make life better, to open possibilities.


We are the “go to” spot for personal transformation. And our education is designed to help you succeed—in the grand scheme and in the everyday details.

Want the latest advice, shortcuts and hacks? We have them.

Managing Household Income • Improving Your Health and Wellness • Turbocharging Your Love Life • Creating Self-Esteem • Breaking Through Self-Imposed Limits • Developing Alternate Income Sources • Demystifying Parenting Methods • Dealing with Bullies in School, the Workplace or in Grocery Lines • Mastering Computer Technology

These are just a few of the things you learn to accomplish with VIM. And they help us lay the foundations that will elevate us to positions where we can reach for the stars.

Along with our rad education initiative, VIM also includes its awesome App that goes where you are and keeps you in contact with the community, and its resources. Look to the VimApp to provide the “need to know” life hacks when you need to know them. There is simply nothing else like it.

We are committed as a company, a community and as an organization in leaving behind no one who truly desires to make a meaningful difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.


Starting is as easy as joining the community and making connections. If you’ve ever been on social media, this is a snap. You’ll immediately be accepted. Explore the information and options that resonate best with you.

The key is getting involved. Then you can make a choice between the various levels of participation that best serve your schedule, desires and lifestyle.

We acknowledge that breaking out of your shell and living a more vibrant lifestyle can sometimes be aided by additional sources of income. We have you covered there as well with financial incentives that can meld easily into your present situation and give you the option to make money in your spare time.

For those looking for a jump start or preferring starting with a clean slate, VIM also offers you a vehicle for a full-time business opportunity that can lead even faster to the type of passive residual income that locks in your long-term financial security and releases you from the constraints, or the need for a 9 to 5 job.

The advantages include:

Flexible Work Times and Schedules

Ability to Maintain Your Business Anywhere

Work as Little or as Much as Your Lifestyle Allows

Potential to Double or Triple your Current Income

Time Freedom to Do What Matters Most to You

Training and Support to be an Entrepreneur

No Pressure. No Mandates. No Worries. It’s Your Choice.

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